Fuse understands the benefits of utilizing the Design-Build delivery method to cohesively merge design and construction while fostering collaboration and boosting project efficiency. Our experience working closely with the contractor has allowed for seamless adjustments and ensuring each project aligns closely with the Client’s vision.

Our team of outstanding architects prioritizes swift problem-solving and decision-making skills to enhance project timelines. We enjoy being a part of a cohesive team that consistently delivers successful, well-coordinated projects with a focus on innovation and adaptability.

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Harder Clean Room and Office

Harder Clean Room and Office | Austin, TX

Harder Mechanical is a mechanical contractor who specializes in the advanced technology sector, as does Fuse. We share many of the same clients, many of whom wish to remain confidential. Harder’s new Austin facility provides fabrication of general mechanical building components as well as specialty process & high purity components for installation at advanced manufacturing facilities. Fuse has vast design experience with these facility types & working with Harder was a natural fit.