Fuse has a long history of delivering educational architectural services for schools, universities, and other educational facilities. We understand the unique needs of these structures and the importance of creating a safe and inviting environment that aids in the learning process.

Our team of top-notch educational architects have decades of experience in the construction of innovative, education-focused learning spaces and know all about the latest trends in educational design. We know how to stretch a budget too! We’ll wow your students, teachers, and staff with unique solutions that make the most out of your investment, and that stimulate learning rather than stifle it.

Whether you’re building a new facility or renovating an existing one, we can provide everything you need to design and build the facilities you’ve imagined.

To learn more about our services, check out our portfolio of past projects or contact us today to get started on your project!

Teaching Kitchen at Cunningham

Teaching Kitchen at Cunningham | Austin, Texas

The 1,400 square-foot teaching kitchen is situated adjacent to the established garden. Students can pick vegetables from the garden, wash the produce in an outdoor sink on the covered deck, and bring their harvest inside to incorporate into a dish for the day’s lesson.

Robertson Elementary School Library

Robertson Elementary School Library | Round Rock, TX

Fuse delivered two phases of renovations and an internal courtyard design project at Robertson Elementary School in Round Rock Independent School District starting in 2019. Robertson opened in 1979, making it one of the older schools in the District.

Austin ISD Renovations at Davis Elementary School

Austin ISD Renovations at Davis Elementary School | Austin, Texas

Will Davis Elementary opened its doors in 1992 and over the course of 30 years, the facility has been subject to issues with the original through-wall heat pump systems and difficulties with slab moisture.

AISD Renovations at Williams Elementary School

AISD Renovations at Williams Elementary School | Austin, Texas

The renovations at Williams Elementary School included restroom upgrades, front door replacement, stage lift and music room casework. The projects spanned 2 summers for completion.

Del Valle ISD District-Wide Campus Renovations

Del Valle ISD District-Wide Campus Renovations | Austin, Texas

To continually meet the needs of the community, DVISD passed a bond in 2014 that included extensive renovations and additions throughout the district, giving Fuse the opportunity to work on 10 campuses, providing design services for the recommended improvements.

Cadence Children’s Academy

Cadence Children’s Academy | Cedar Park, TX

Working with the developer and the operational staff helped incorporate their mission of providing a place for learning where children feel as comfortable at school as they do at home.

AISD Renovations at Zavala Elementary School

AISD Renovations at Zavala Elementary School | Austin, Texas

Renovations at Zavala Elementary School were focused on the original classroom building. Upgrades included refinishing the classroom wood floors, replacing casework, repainting classrooms, replacing windows, restrooms partitions, doors and frames, HVAC components, piping insulation, and sanitary waste piping.

More Projects

Austin Independent School District

  • Anderson High School Renovations
  • Bailey Middle School Renovations
  • Becker Elementary School Renovations
  • Bryker Woods Elementary School Renovations
  • Casey Elementary School Renovations
  • Davis Elementary School Renovations
  • Delco Center Renovations
  • Garza Independence High School Renovations
  • Kocurek Elementary School Renovations
  • McCallum High School Cooler Addition
  • McCallum High School Deficiency Improvements
  • Northeast Early College High School Renovations
  • Rodriguez Elementary School Renovations
  • Saegert Bus Barn Renovations
  • Williams Elementary School Renovations
  • Zavala Elementary School Renovations
  • Zilker Elementary School Renovations
  • 2016 Campus Assessments

Pre-School and Higher Education

  • Cadence Academy Preschool
  • University of Texas EME Lab Renovation
  • University of Texas Environmental Health and Safety – Project Coordination Support
  • Texas A&M University Small Animal Hospital – Steam Generator Replacement

Del Valle Independent School District

  • Administration Building Expansion – Phase 2
  • Administration Building Renovation
  • Data Center and Administration Building Expansion – Phase 1
  • Baty Elementary School Lighting Upgrades
  • Creedmoor Elementary School Renovations
  • Del Valle Elementary School Renovations
  • Del Valle Middle School Renovations
  • Del Valle High School Renovations
  • Hillcrest Middle School Renovations
  • Hornsby-dunlap Elementary School Renovations
  • Ojeda Middle School Exterior Lighting Upgrades
  • Ojeda Middle School Kitchen Renovations
  • Ojeda Middle School Track Renovation
  • Popham Elementary School Renovations
  • Smith Elementary School Renovations

Round Rock Independent School District

  • Robertson Elementary School Courtyard
  • Robertson Elementary School Remediation
  • Robertson Elementary School Renovations
  • Technology Center Renovation