Fuse ACE Mentor of Austin

ACE Mentor in Austin

Brittany Guidry Serves as Lead Mentor for ACE


Brittany Guidry from Fuse is an ACE Mentor of Austin and she participated in the final virtual presentation via Zoom on Thursday 05.21.2020. ACE is a great program for anyone working in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering field can mentor high students all over Austin who are interested in learning more about ACE before entering college. This year Brittany served as a Lead Mentor assisting a group of 8-10 students, design an interactive light based installation to be featured in next year’s Waterloo Greenway Creek Show, if selected. Fuse has been a consistent Sponsor for the ACE Mentor of Austin program which allows over $50,000 in scholarships to be awarded each year. While social distancing, Brittany was able to deliver one of the scholarships of $2,000 to one of the students in her group. Brittany looks forward to leading and sharing her knowledge in Architecture to another of high school students in the next 2020-2021 season beginning October 2020.

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